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I Coach.

I help fintech entrepreneurs, asset managers and financial advisors pivot into digital superheroes with 

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Talk Less >> Say More is my motto for keynote addresses, workshops and industry panels

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I love helping entrepreneurs build businesses that make a difference AND make money

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The greatest gift I have been given is my desire and ability to help other people … let’s talk about how I can assist you

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Despite significant insecurities, fears of not being good enough and at times visions of grandeur and megalomania, I continue to play full out and put myself out there on video


Anric has a clear and concise plan to help Hedge Fund Managers build their business. He patiently walked me through his very thought through program and it's clear that it can add value to help structure a marketing program. A completely positive experience
Noel Smith
“I was excited to learn that they packaged this wealth of knowledge into a flexible, accessible, and affordable program designed from investment managers ranging from emerging to well established. Their process worked for us and it can work for you too, you owe it to yourself to sign up today.”
Steve Segundo
“The last three months have seen us working with Anric and Lauralouise Blatt at Global Fund Advisors on transforming our business. They have helped us make the step up using a a combination of digital training modules, one on one consulting workshops and coaching. They have showed us how to attract , retain and exponentially multiply sales and assets under management resulting from this. And we've had a lot of fun along the way and were introduced to many more of their contacts that are helping us grow our business! Anric is not only generous with his time , but also always constructive and looking to add value to value already added. He has delivered 10x more time, energy and heavy lifting than I was expecting. -Teresa and I can't thank them enough”
Clive Evans
“I wish that I had access to this kind of guidance and training when I was building an asset management business; I would have saved myself years of trial and error and been so much more successful raising funds.”
Bill Gellman
“Anric is a visionary. He will help bring your vision into fruition. What strikes me most about Anric is the amount of value he is able to add in such a short space of time. I can already see a huge mistake in my capital raising process watching this video - thank you again!”
Miltiades Caldis
I have known Anric Blatt for more than 20 years and dealt with him frequently on a business and personal basis Mr. Blatt is an extremely innovative thinker, exhibits superb business acumen and has an equally superb reputation. He has always exhibited the highest ethical and moral standards. His ongoing contribution to the investment industry to his community and to a variety of charities is well documented. His contribution of knowledge and experience and giving spirit migrates to all those around him. I heartily recommend Anric Blatt to anyone needing his services or his coaching. He continues to be an admirable business man, a credit to society and a very successful, caring and highly motivated human being.
Jim Moore
I have known Anric since 2003, and have admired his drive, strategic thinking, leadership qualities, generosity, and professionalism. Anric's vision and global rolodex assists him to add value to ventures, whether it's his independent Directorships, or starting and growing a business into a multi billion dollar asset management business. From a personal perspective, Anric fosters business and personal relationships with C suite executives, and makes time to mentor others providing feedback, advice, and guidance. I feel fortunate to have developed a life long friend of Anric's caliber, and endorse him enthusiastically.
Michael Glaubman
I have known Anric Blatt since the late 1990s as an astute investor, creative entrepreneur, thought leader, advisor and friend with unimpeachable integrity, credentials and accomplishments. I would eagerly back Anric in his endeavors.
John Michael Pagli Jr

My Story

Super lucky to be born in Namibia (then South West Africa) to German parents – I grew up real quick when my dad died six years later and my mom had the unenviable task of raising a well intentioned but difficult and very sensitive Leo child that never fit in anywhere and was determined to create his own category.

After college in South Africa, starting businesses in Johannesburg I emigrated to Hong Kong, built several asset management businesses after having to re-invent myself again post Asian Crisis, ended up in Switzerland whilst building Infiniti Capital AG and finally found my way to the United States of America after launching the Global Fund Exchange Group in 2005.