Anric Blatt  

Character Description and Identity Commitment


  • Creative, original & unique
  • Optimistic, positive & sincere
  • Ambitious, bold & passionate
  • Reliable, accountable & worthy of trust
  • Loyal, grateful & respectful
  • Decisive & committed but not stubborn – able to regroup and pivot with grace, humility and ease
  • Creates genuine bonds with other successful & driven people with ease
  • Globally well travelled, informed, connected and respected business builder
  • Visited over 130 countries, has lived on, made connections and built businesses on 4 continents.
  • Has the ability to breach ethnicity, religion, nationality, language & demographics in order to get a foot in the door and establish bonds.
  • Assertive without being arrogant
  • Takes responsibility but gets the best from others by knowing when to lead and when to follow
  • Independent but loves nothing more than a good team where everyone carries their own weight but is able to step in and carry a brother and his cargo
  • Big picture strategic thinker that is not afraid of dirty grunt work
  • Great communicator in public, private and written
  • Extremely results driven, stays on point, always punctual, always follows up
  • Utilizes and embraces social media as a marketing & engagement tool, but prefers one-on-one relationship building over campfires, ski-slopes, bike tracks, racetracks, dinners and coffee.
  • Easily converts feedback into improvement
  • Has the ability to convert vision into commercial reality by passionately & effectively selling his ideas, empowering team members and doing what needs to be done
  • Ability to self educate and get the right tools integrated quickly
  • Can carry an idea from concept to commercial success as long as it helps people, is profitable and interesting.
  • Has terrific sense of humor and sense of fun that attracts people, animals, good karma and opportunities


Anric is a dynamic leader who has a proven ability to make things happen. He has boundless energy and an impressive intellect that he brings to every situation.


In 2004 I came to know Anric and the wonderful global team he has built at Infiniti Capital. I have been in contact with him since that time. Anric is an exemplary team builder and visionary, combined with good humor and an astute business sense.


Anric was tasked with the unenviable role of establishing Forsyth’s presence in a very crowded marketplace, Hong Kong & the region, & testimony to his success is that Forsyth’s derived substantial new business from Asia.
Anric was instrumental in guiding Forsyth’s to the Hedge Fund Arena, from where most of their AUM subsequently originated!
Anric is an exceptionally driven personality, who can see the big picture, often before it materialises in front of others!


I have known Anric Blatt since the late 1990s as an astute investor, creative entrepreneur, thought leader, advisor and friend with unimpeachable integrity, credentials and accomplishments. I would eagerly back Anric in his endeavors.


Anric, 20 years Private Banking experience as a unique Partner of the HNW community who traveled all over the world. He has a rare leadership and positive attitude leading to success. He grew his Hedge Funds business exponentially. First class managerial skills were deployed at that time thanks to Anric’s visions. He is a force majeure


Anric Blatt has been an inspirational business leader and prime driver of the exponential growth of the Infiniti Fund of Funds Business. His low-key management style engenders an environment where people are empowered to step forward and be all they can be. He is also a visionary entrepreneur with a keen sense for new market trends.