Masculine Energy in a Relationship

Regardless of gender, we all contain both masculine and feminine energy. Your leading energy reflects your inner nature and values. Because of this, there are women who have masculine leading energy just as there are men who have feminine leading energy. Understanding your leading energy, or core energy, is necessary to align yourself – or else you will be unhappy no matter how much you succeed.


The masculine energy focuses on one task or issue at a time. While the feminine is taking in everything at once, the masculine directs is able to let go of everything and direct all attention towards a singular focus. It’s about total concentration. When the masculine energy sees or encounters a problem, the sole goal is to find a solution. The masculine energy is analytical, impatient, assertive and logical. While the feminine is about being, the masculine is about doing. And it is about moving with a purpose, and taking action. The masculine energy wants to hunt, pursue and chase. The masculine energy wants to be needed.


What makes a relationship work is having things in common. But what makes a relationship passionate is having things that are different – not different values, but different energies. This is what creates sparks in the relationship. This is where the electricity comes from. So if you are masculine in your core, then you will find commonality with another masculine energy, but you will find passion with feminine energy. When most people are stressed or tired, they put on the mask of the opposite energy. Most men, for example, who are masculine at their core, will put on a feminine mask. It is a protection mechanism. But the moment this happens, there is no possibility for romance. And to make matters worse, if you are with a feminine energy, it will only make matters worse, causing friction and disconnection.


There are three triggers that will cause a masculine energy to adopt a feminine mask: feeling criticized, feeling controlled or feeling closed off to. Criticism is like kryptonite to a masculine energy. Rather, masculine energy feeds and thrives off of appreciation. They need to be admired and praised. The masculine energy also shutters at the very thought of being controlled. If a man who is masculine at his core feels controlled, he will hate himself and then his partner will hate him and become fearful of him. The masculine energy does not like to feel closed off to. A man with a masculine core, for example, wants the presence of a feminine energy. It is starving for it. But when that is taken away, the masculine energy is replaced with a feminine energy. And in turn, the woman will not feel protected or safe.