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He is an innovative thinker with vision and leadership, a proven aptitude for detecting talent and is known for his strategic focus in moving companies and organizations forward in their goals.A seasoned global investment professional, he has traveled extensively to over 100 countries, has lived on 4 continents and has a keen interest in history and geopolitics and how these intersect with financial markets.

Globally connected serial entrepreneur focused on investment management, climate change, scarce resources and Fintech sectors. Business builder and Non-executive director & advisor to funds, foundations and philanthropic organizations. ……

Mr Blatt has founded and built several multi-billion dollar investment businesses and has served on the board of over 50 investment companies, trusts and funds in all of the major financial jurisdictions across the globe. Throughout his 20 plus year career, Mr Blatt has acquired expertise across all asset classes through posts in the US, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Africa.

Founder and Chairman of The Global Fund Exchange Group, strategic advisor and director for a number of game changing investment partnerships and funds. Co-founder of The SHINE Companies LLC

Here is a link to his Character Statement and Commitment

He now spends his time between Florida, Colorado, Italy and still traveling the world.

Languages: German, English and working on Italian

Favorite City:  Siena, Italy

Favorite Foods: everything except fluffy fusion food

Starsign:  LEO

Favorite Movies:  A Wonderful Life & A Good Year

Favorite Quote:  You become the average of the 5 people closest to you

Favorite Book:  The greatest salesman on earth by Og Mandino and How to Run your business by the book Ddave Anderson)

Dislikes:  Selfies, automated phone systems, traffic,

Loves:  Traveling, reading, technology, family hangouts in PJ’s, watching movies with LL and the dogs

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Rigoletto Diavolo

Alpha Dog


Ciccia Louise

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Giorgio Cannoli

Clown / Marketing

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